About me

My name is Fabienne d’Hautefeuille.   I am the person behind Bread’N Butter Kids.  I do not remember not cooking.  Mum let us bake anything we wanted.  You can guess I do bake a lot.  As a young kid with my siblings, we used to make a lot of cakes for our afternoon teas or make desserts alongside Mum.  We learned savory dishes “on the job”, starting by making the vinaigrette under instructions from Mum for the quantities.

Fabienne Bread'N Butter Kids

I grew up in France and now live in Sydney, Australia.  Not having access to as many ready made good products than in France (great bread at every street corner for example)  and being exposed here to so many amazing cuisines and ingredients, I keep cooking and having fun.  When I cook, my focus is on food to share for a group, nice meals and little pleasures to share.  I have been known to make creme caramel under a tent by 45°C in the middle of the Sahara desert while on a field assignment (I am a hydrogeologist) or chocolate cake in a microwave after furiously beating egg-whites with a fork in a mine camp  where a few colleagues and I stayed a few weeks at the time.

My food philosophy

I love healthy food, that is, fresh products and cooking “from scratch”. Most people look at a tart and put it in the too hard basket, you would be surprised how simple it is to make those! I love markets and people doing great food.  I do not follow any diet trend, I believe that a balance good quality cooking is the best for our bodies.  Oh, and by the way, desserts are part of a meal, not a treat, except if you start adding ice cream and whipped cream every time.  That said, rest assure dessert in my home vary from a piece of fruit to a yummy “sometimes food” dessert.

I have two young children and there is no way I am going to cook pasta and sausages every night because this is what they would ask for again and again.  So, I hope this blog will help families with ideas for children and the whole family.

This blog is not only about children food, but also giving idea of seasonal menus to households, families or not, cooking tips, and recipes that I cannot help but sharing, hoping you will raise to the challenge!

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