Yes for apples, only a little differently

crumble pomme poivre

Definitely yes for apples….

I probably buy two big bags of apples each week at this season.  Where do they go? Lunchboxes, snack and occasionally dessert.  Last week, I wanted to do an apple based dessert but I did not feel like any apple tart or any traditional recipe.  Taste wise I wanted something different. Yes for apple, only a little differently!

…Only a little differently

I am about to share two recipes with you. One savoury, a piece of pork cooked on a bed of apples and in cider; and one sweet one, a red pepper apple and  strawberry crumble. I strongly recommend the two of them!

Pork belly roast on an apple bed and in apple cider

This is a different way to roast pork.  It is really tasty. I have adding chesnuts around as well in subsequent versions.  The recipe is HERE.  Like for any pork roast, this recipe requires a fair amount of cooking time.

Roti de porc aux pommes

Note:  the chesnuts would need to be peeled beforehand. Make a small cut in the skin.  Place them in boiling water for one minute and peel the skin.

Red pepper apple and strawberry crumble

This is what I ended up cooking last week. Three month ago, I stayed at some friend one night and was offered a beautiful dinner.  The dessert followed a recipe of baked apple by Yotam Ottolenghi.  In this recipe Yotam Ottolenghi used pepper cracked over baked apple to subtlety change the flavours and bring up different aromas. It was delicious!

This crumble recipe is inspired from that dish. Here, I used black pepper and mostly pink peppercorns.  You will find pink peppercorns in deli stores, at Paddy’s market (Sydney Haymarket) and online spice shops such as Herbies.   The rest is pretty much like a normal crumble. Recipe HERE.

crumble pomme poivre



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