Kids in the kitchen

Kids in the kitchen is where it all starts. Although this is not true for all, I know some people who are great cook but ate a lot of boiled vegetables and canned and microwave meals as kids.

This page has a photo gallery that may give you some ideas on how to get the children involved in cooking. There are also generic topics and references.  Be patient, it is building slowly, if you have a question, send me an email, I will be more than happy to answer.  If you are after some cooking experience for a group of children, I am happy to provide that (definitely).

Simple tasks you can give the children are for example:

2 to 5 years old

  • Fetching ingredients (if reachable and not too heavy)
  • fetching tools
  • Mixing
  • Breaking eggs
  • Buttering cake tins
  • Pressing buttons on equipment (as long as safe)
  • Cutting ends of beans for example (teaching and constant supervision required, my 4 y.o does that next to me and I make sure she does her bear paws and overall acts safely)
  • Decorating cupcakes, kids biscuits or larger cake
  • helping with seasoning
  • Rinsing fruits and vegies
  • Doing the dishes (some of them)
  • Turn the salad drainer
  • Help setting the table

6 to 8 years old (in addition of the above)

  • break eggs
  • Separate egg white and yolks (use additional container to do one egg at the time)
  • measure ingredients
  • Follow a simple recipe
  • cut / prepare some fruits and vegetables (instructions given)
  • Clean and prepare the salad
  • Prepare a vinaigrette (under instruction & supervision)
  • Use the micro wave
  • Set up the table
  • place dough in cake tins/prints
  • Some of the bread making steps
  • Folding egg-white

9 and over

From there, some use of the oven and hot plates can be taught. Also from that age , they can easily reach out for most ingredients and equipment, read and plan a recipe and carry out simple recipes.  They can also graps a bit of techniques, and would be quite clued on balancing a diet and choosing treats.


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