School Lunch Boxes

School lunch boxes need to provide good nutrition to the school child, at the same time, you may not have so much time to prepare them as you are trying to get out the door and to work yourself.

Those below are snapshots of the lunch boxes I prepare for my daughter last year, now the two are going to school, so I have uploaded a few more photos, they have different tastes.  My kids like a lot of raw vegetables (but not all, one loves brussel sprouts and beans, the other is all about carrots). And tastes change over time,  it is not hard to adapt.  Use those photos as a guide. Increase the quantity if your child needs more food.

My rules:

  • no chips
  • no soft drink (they are packed with sugar)
  • Nutricious food
  • Fruits and/or vegetables
  • a dairy if possible
  • Something a bit consistent like a sandwich, roll, pasta
  • A little special thing: a piece of cake, two square of good quality chocolate, etc

You may see the same item for successive boxes, this matches a grocery shop event or a batch of cakes made over the weekend, sliced and frozen.

lunch Box 2

Avocado, corn, salami sandwich, slice of chocolate marble cake, apple




lunch box 3


Radishes, apple, plums, cherry tomatoes, salami sandwich, slice of chocolate marble cake, probiotic cultured drink


Lunch box 1


Apple, plums, beans, mortadelle roll, slice of chocolate marble cake, probiotic cultured drink, kiwi, plums



20160506_084646Cherry tomatoes, half avocado (you would have put a drop of lemon on the cut), a few olives, a piece of brownie, probiotic cultured drink, a mandarine, in the paper towel is a slice of bread with melted cheese.




Beans, cheese melt on bread, Brussel sprout, cherry tomatoes, mandarine, piece of tarte fine (left over), pomegranate seeds.


20160428_084032Apple, wrap with avo and slice of mortadella, slice of banana bread, cheese stick, cherry tomatoes




20160426_063820Green olives, banana bread, wrap, apple, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, probiotic culture drink




20160419_071524Banana, piece of brownie, saucisson, sandwich, probiotic culture drink, mandarine




20160429_075345Slice of banana bread, olives, chestnuts (roasted and peeled), tomatoes, Brussel sprout, wrap, mandarine, cheese stick




school lunchbox

Apple, wrap with vegemite, avocado and mortadella, cherry tomatoes, sultanas & chocolate square, cheese, plum, carrot




school lunchbox

Muffin (ricotta raspberry muffin) , carrot, sandwich (avo, ham), bruxelles sprouts (raw), nectarie, fig




school lunchbox


Wrap (saussage left over with ketchup sauce), cheese, apple, carrot, cherry tomatoes, sultanas & chocolate square



school lunchbox


Ricotta, honey, walnut and orange muffin, sandwich (avocado, vegemite, ham), cherry tomatoes, plum, carrot, nectarine, brocolini (steamed, left over)