My Pot Shop

Welcome to My Pot Shop!

Pottery is my second passion.  I do a lot of wheel work throwing pots and bowls and other things and some hand built work.  I started pottery at the Bondi Beach Pavilion, with classes run for community members.  Years latter now, I have my pottery wheel and a range of tools. Depending where we live, my pottery installation is allowed to spread more or less and as a result the volume of production varies.

My pieces are functional homeware and tableware.   I love working with both earthenware and stoneware.  Unfortunately (for me), I cannot as you imagine keep everything (very little indeed)! Hence my pot shop!

NOTE: I have desactivated my pot shop for now. If there is something you really like, send me an email, I my still have it.

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Items for sale are HERE.

Using my pots

These pieces are designed for use, we use ours here all the time. They are microwave safe AND dishwasher safe.  One small exception are the earthenware pieces with large unglazed base (like platters and large flat bottom serving dishes) which should not be soaked in water as earthenware is porous unless glazed (like may be bricks or terracotta flower pots).  We do not glaze the base of large pieces as they need to be propped during the last firing (else they stick on the shelves and it is goodbye piece and shelve) and when propped, they may not remain flat as clay can have its tantrum to!


  • You are welcome to collect from Balmain East.
  • I can post to Australia.
  • Overseas shipping is possible.  I recommend you get an insurance at the checkout (goods are handled more gently). Check your country custom requirements (if applicable), they vary from country to country. Custom taes not included in prices.

Return Policy

I do not unfortunately accept returns as there is much risk of mishandling and breakage during transport.