Sunday night diner

silk ropes

Sunday night diner is the wrap up of the weekend and the last step before the start of the new week. It has this homy comfortable feeling. Yes, but…

We, or rather my daughters started a silk rope class on Sunday afternoon.  They love it! I find it great too. By the time we come home it is often after 6 pm , sometimes after 7 pm. So, not willing to cook much at this stage of the day, I devise a quick meal.  One that came back a few times recently is a bean and sausages bake.  Dessert tonight – yes, there is always dessert – was a flan patissier.

The bean and sausage bake

You can rarely do easier and it require strictly no cooking skills.  All you need are cans of beans, tomato sauce and sausages! Pretty simple! Still need the recipe? Click HERE.

sunday evening bake

A flan patissier for dessert

Flans patissiers need to be made in advance preferably as they taste better warm or cold.  I made mine this morning before heading across Scotland Island through bushland on gorgeous little tracks.  Flan patissier are a typical French dessert, it is like a (homemade) baked custard.  Quite nice.

The recipe is HERE.






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