Fish of the week: Barramundi

barramundi fish fillet

Fish of the week: barramundi!

We have been getting these beautiful barramundi fillets from the Sydney fish market.  They are really big and one is enough for a family of up to six people. When  I go to the fish market, I bring a big esky bag and choose fish to freeze and stock for a month.  The choice is not completely out of random but neither is it a planned thing.  It is the second time that I buy those large barramundi fillets, they are a treat really, but what a nice one!

Today, I am sharing a dinner menu and fish recipe from the last couple days.

The Menu (dinner)

Entree – Soft goat cheese and grana padano souffle

Main – Barramundi fillets on a bed of soft onions and brussels sprouts, served with green asparagus and hollandaise sauce and side salad

Dessert – Fruit (mandarin)

The souffles were beautiful, they rose so high! And of course collapsed afterwards!  The barramundi was delicious and with the Brussel sprouts and other greens a great combination.

Cooking  the barramundi

Did I have a recipe? No.  I don’t for those types of last minute dinner challenge.  This time I somehow managed to get a semi-passable photo of the dish before my plate become cold and the dish got eaten, so finally a recipe of a savoury dish!

barramundi fish fillet

Barramundi marries very well with lemon flavours and either on of the following: four spices, coriander ground, nutmeg.

Underneath the fish, I placed seven brussels sprouts cut very thinly, half of an onion cut very thinly, 2 garlic cloves cut thinly, 15 g of butter and a cup of water.  I salted the fish on both sides and when the butter was melted, placed the fish on top, added the juice of one lemon, a few small heads of parsley, a dusting of all spices mix and reduced the heat and covered to let cook slowly.

It took about 20 minutes to cook. In the meanwhile, I was frantically getting the asparagus steamed and the hollandaise sauce (also quite lemony) prepared.

For the full recipe, click HERE.

Grilled Barramundi fillets

A good fish is very good with minimum dressing.  barramundiA previous time, I simply seasoned it with salt, a dash of olive oil and coriander grounds on top and placed it under the grill.

Next time I will use something else than baking paper as a support…regardless it was also delicious.

Enjoy Barramundi!


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